Poultry Farming: Is It Profitable In Nepal?

2 January, 2023 By:SB Group

Poultry farming has been the inception of commercial farming and has been going in the industry for decades. To get the facts straight, this medium of farming with pure line birds was introduced through a government program more than 50 years ago. However, it has only been around 50 years...

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Kadaknath Chicken Farming In Nepal – An Overview

9 December, 2022 By:SB Group

Poultry farming is one of the popular agri-business in Nepal with various species of chickens. Among them, the Kadaknath chicken (aka Kali Mashi or the black chicken) is one of the rarest breeds with high nutritional value. Today, Kadaknath chicken farming is quite popular in Nepal thanks to its medicinal...

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Best Chicken Feeds Available For Your Laying Hens

10 November, 2022 By:SB Group

As food is essential for the human body, so is the feed for your laying hens. Proper and healthy feed determines the growth and development of your chicken. The right feed ensures your chicken is healthy and is laying eggs for you. Now, when we browse the market for chicken...

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Nutritional Benefits of Chicken Feeds: Best Health of Poultry Chicken

30 September, 2022 By:SB Group

As a poultry farmer, whether it is your first flock or one of the many, feeding is the basic fundament of raising chickens. Your chickens' quality of feeding and nutrition also determines your birds' performance and products. Hence it is a crucial step that you provide your flock with every...

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Vitamins For Cattles: Injections And Food Diet System

5 September, 2022 By:SB Group

Vitamins For Cattles: Injections And Food Diet System Apart from their daily food consumption, cattle also require at least seventeen different mineral elements in their diets. These minerals are usually of two types, macrominerals (significant minerals) and microminerals (trace minerals). Here, macro minerals are vital and include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus,...

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