Established in 2018, Dhalkewar Gas Udhyog is an Oxygen and Nitrogen gas filling plant based in Janakpur where Oxygen cylinders are manufactured for both industrial and medical use. The plant’s production capacity is 140 m³/hour and can fill an oxygen cylinder within 45 minutes after the plant is warmed up.

DGU currently houses 1800 cylinders and sells around 2400 cylinders per month. An efficient reciprocating four-stage air compressor consumes low power and the Molecular Sieve Battery Drier Unit separates moisture and Carbon dioxide while absorbing Acetylene and other Hydrocarbons from the process air. The plant has an internal compression liquid Oxygen pump to fill dry gaseous oxygen in cylinders and is capable of simultaneously producing Oxygen and Nitrogen with 99.99% purity. The plant is also befitted with a separate liquid Nitrogen pump to fill dry Nitrogen directly into cylinders.

In the near future DGU plans to install a chilling unit to accelerate the plant’s efficiency and eventually create bigger market.