Established in 2018, Green Feed Industries Pvt Ltd (GFI) launched animal feed in Nepali market that goes by the name ‘JIO feed’. With a grain storage facility of 6500 MT and production capacity of 11-13 ton per hour production, the industry has been currently producing Poultry feed (Broiler feed, Layer feed and, mash Feed) and Cattle Feed. It has a prospect of manufacturing Aqua and Swine feed in the near future.

The industry boasts full-fledged machinery with the latest auto-batching facility that produces 300 MT feed every day. It bears advanced magnets to keep out metal debris from final good and the super-fast conditioner processes the feed in a minute’s time.

The feed production facility houses a well-equipped and fully functional laboratory where raw materials and processed products undergo thorough inspection and tests for quality control, extensive research and development activities. GFI aims to contribute to the agro-based economy by delivering quality products to the farmers.