After a great success in his first venture, Chairman Saresh Kumar Saraff consecutively pursued his diverse business interests and has not looked back ever since. In 2007, he partnered with Ram Janaki Plastic in the project of manufacturing HD pipes and plastic sheet. This is shortly was followed by his partnership with Yash Motor International to open a franchise of Sonalika Tractor in Janakpur.

In 1993 he embarked on his second largest project of Himalaya Sugar that in 2018 acquired ISO 2000 and FSSC certification and is the only Sulphur less Sugar mill in Nepal. The project withstood several consequential circumstances in its beginning year as it intersected with the then political unrest of the country. Nevertheless, it got momentum soon after and has made significant progress with time.

SB Group has recently partnered with Green Biofuels and started an Oxygen Plant in Lalbhitti while preparing to start a briquette plant in Dhalkewar, Janakpur. The company also initiated Green Feed Industries and has been anticipating the launch of its product line that goes by the name ‘JIO feed’.


  • 1981
    Everest Group

    The beginning of the history of SBG, Everest group was the first venture established under the leadership of Mr Saresh Kumar Saraff. Everest Card Board was started in the same year.

  • 1982
    Everest Paper Mill

    Everest Paper Mill which is a pioneer manufacturer of various grades of writing and printing paper in Nepal was established in Mahendranagar.

  • 1993
    Everest Sugar

    The Chairman embarked on his second largest project of Sugar manufacturing Everest Sugar that in 2018 acquired ISO 2000 and FSSC certification and is the only Sulphur less Sugar mill in Nepal.

  • 2005
    Everest Wire

    Everest Wire, a copper wire, copper rods and super-enameled copper wire manufacturing plant with a capacity of 100 Tons per month was established in Janakpur.

  • 2009
    Ram Janaki Plastic

    Partnered with Ram Janaki plastics, a manufacturing plant that manufactures an extensive range of HDPE pipes alongside other utility products.

  • 2011
    Yash Motor International

    A franchise of Sonalika International Tractors Ltd (ITL) which is the 3rd largest tractor manufacturing company based in India was started in Nepal as Yash Motor International.

  • 2013
    Green Bio Fuels

    Establishment of Green Biofuels manufacturing plant that has been producing renewable fuel alternatives to conventional fuel.

  • 2018
    Green Feed Industries

    Green Feed Industries Pvt Ltd (GFI), an animal feed manufacturer and distributor was established and the products were launched as ‘Jio Feed’.

  • 2018
    Dhalkewar Gas Udhyog

    Establishment of Nitrogen and Oxygen gas filling plant, Dhalkewar Gas Udhyog, with a filling capacity of 140 m³/hour in Janakpur.

  • 2019
    SB Group

    Finally, the history culminated into a conglomerate and a consolidated firm of diverse enterprises that we today know as Saresh Babita Group was established.