What are the Various Records Taken in a Poultry Farm?

12 June, 2023 By:SB Group

Introduction Poultry farming is a thriving industry that requires diligent management to ensure the health, productivity, and profitability of the flock. One essential aspect of successful poultry farming is maintaining accurate and comprehensive records. These records serve as valuable tools for farm owners and managers, helping them monitor and analyze...

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The Benefits and Basics of Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

2 May, 2023 By:SB Group

Keeping chickens in your garden can be a perfect choice if you're looking for a way to create your food and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Keeping chickens is quite simple, and they offer more than just fresh eggs. The fundamentals of backyard chicken farming will be covered in this...

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Maximizing Profits in Poultry Farming: Techniques to Help Improve Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

11 April, 2023 By:SB Group

If you're running a poultry farm, you know that feed accounts for a significant portion of your expenses. To maximize profits, getting the most out of every pound of feed you provide your birds is crucial. That's where the feed conversion ratio (FCR) comes in. FCR measures how much feed...

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Semi-Scavenging in Poultry Farming: Benefits and Challenges in Nepal

10 March, 2023 By:SB Group

Poultry farming is an important industry in Nepal, providing employment and income to many farmers; one type of poultry farming that has gained popularity in recent years is semi-scavenging. Research provided by the Global Journal of Animal Scientific Research state, "Poultry sector is an emerging industry in Nepal with two...

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Diagnosis And Control Of Chicken Coccidiosis: Diseases Of Poultry

3 February, 2023 By:SB Group

Over the years, poultry farming has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the agriculture field. Not to mention, it has been one of the driving forces of the nation's economy. Also, in poultry farming, chickens are the major birds raised and sold for their meat and eggs. Though being...

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