Importance of Protein in Animal Feed

4 December, 2020 By:SB Group

Protein is an essential nutrient in animal feed. Animals need protein and other minerals for tissue and organ formation. And protein is also important in animal feed for their growth. An animal with the right amount of protein and other minerals in the feed tends to stay energetic and active...

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Cattle Feed For Better Dairy Production

26 January, 2021 By:SB Group

Knowing the right diet of cattle is the first step towards achieving a successful farming operation. Balance nutrients play a role in maintaining the health of cattle and quality dairy production. To give the cattle optimum nutrients, many farmers depend upon feed to boost nutritional intake. Cattle feed contains an...

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Green Feed Industries Annual Dealer’s Meet

3 February, 2021 By:SB Group

Green Feed Industries organized the second official Annual Dealer’s Meet on January 23rd, 2021 in the presence of the Manager of Rastriya Banijya Bank ( Janakpur) Ranjeeta Jha ji , Chairman Mr. Saresh Kumar Saraff, M.D. Yash Vardhan Saraff and our fellow dealers. The seminar was held at Vinayak Banquet...

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Poultry Management in Nepal

15 December, 2019 By:SB Group

Green Feed Industries organized the first official seminar on Poultry Management for the dealers & farmers. The seminar was presided over by our Chairman Mr. Saresh Kumar Saraff, M.D. Yash Vardhan Saraff, formulator Dr. Chandan Gosh, and the team of Kantipur vet & Avitech as well as Green Feed Industries. The...

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Dealer Meet Regarding Jio Feed

5 September, 2019 By:SB Group

Green Feed Industries organized its first dealer's meet at their factory premises. An audience of an approx 25 to 35 people gathered. The meet was regarding the current market condition and about the Jio feed products. The meet was held in presence of our Managing Director (Mr. Yash Vardhan Saraff)...

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