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High Protein Feeds

Before getting into the point, you must keep in mind that chickens do not need high proteins in their daily diets since some might have a severe effect on them. The protein diet ingredients can be a source itself that provides chickens, the source of energy especially for the development of the feathers. Some of the most common protein sources for chickens are milk, lentil sprouts, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, and eggs.



Chickens need proteins to grow their feathers during the autumn season as their molting starts to keep themselves warm. Feathers gather 80%-90% of the total amount of proteins from the body for feather making for the time being. Proteins are simply an occasional treats for chickens. Thus, throughout the year high protein isn’t necessary at all. Fat chickens have unhealthy and fatty meat.



Protein Feeds For Chicken 

A diet with the right amount of protein is important for the health and performance of the birds. Soybean meal and corn are the two main sources of energy in poultry diets. Soybean meal replaces an equal amount of corn and vice versa. Poultry farmers commonly use them together in poultry diets. Corn is a good source of energy, especially when it is added to a high protein diet.


Birds require eight essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body and therefore must be supplied in the diet. The amino acid profile of a protein source is influenced by the quality of the protein source. For example, the amino acid profile of fish meal is high in methionine, whereas wheat is lower. Thus, a diet containing fish meal but not wheat will have a higher methionine content. Blood amino acid levels measures are used to assess a bird’s diet. The use of blood amino acid levels to assess a bird’s diet is useful for specific nutritional deficiencies or excesses.


Chickens love milk. It’s an amazing source of protein and vitamins. When you’re feeding them milk from a cow, cow’s milk is best. It’s got the most protein and the fat. You can add it to their commercial layer feed or just pour it into their water. Chickens that have access to milk have strong bones and lay bigger eggs with thicker shells.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is rich in protein and can be necessary if you aren’t feeding the flock commercial layer feeds regularly or in some cases, at all.

Green Peas

Mixing up with some veggies, consumption of green peas is a good source of protein for chickens.


Rich in niacin, magnesium, and Vitamin E, peanuts, or peanut butter, it has long been valued as a nutritional supplement for poultry. As well as eating them straight from the bag, your chickens will take great pleasure in pecking them out of a coffee grinder, food processor, or a small plastic tub with a hole cut in the lid. 3. Cat food, particularly wet cat food, is rich in protein, and some of the fancy stuff comes in delectable and stimulating flavors like chicken and tuna, chicken and liver, and beef and cheese. And if you’re willing to spend a bit of money, there are always freeze-dried chicken livers, which your chooks will find delicious.

Oats and Dried Crickets

At a whopping 100% protein, Dried Crickets take the top spot for high-protein treats. Dust them with Calcium Carbonate to get the added benefit of extra calcium. You can feed the crickets to your chickens whole (making sure they are small enough to swallow) or ground them up to mimic a chook crumble.

 Chicken Meal

If you’re making your chicken rations, you can add some extra protein by adding chicken meal. This adds more protein than rice bran or wheat bran, without all the excess carbohydrates.

Worm Castings

Chickens love Worm Castings – the high-protein, high-fiber by-product of worm composting. They add lots of beneficial bacteria to the soil, helping your plants to grow better.

Brewer’s grain

Excess spent grains from beer making make a great protein supplement for chickens. Brewer’s grain is nutrient-dense and contains many essential vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of soluble fiber.

Meat scraps

Raw, cooked, or canned meats provide an excellent source of protein for chickens. Cooked meats should be finely chopped. If the meat is cooked at high temps, it may contain harmful chemicals that could make your flock sick.

Whey protein

A byproduct of cheese making; whey protein is another excellent source of protein. It is inexpensive and easy to dissolve in water.


Similarly, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, grains etc. are some other excellent protein sources for chickens.. We have introduced Jio Feed which is high in quality and nutritious feed for different domesticated animals


Chickens, unless they are true heritage or “heritage” breeds are not meat birds. Instead, they are known as dual-purpose chickens. This means that they are raised for both egg production and meat.

If you’d like to raise chickens for meat, there’s something you should know. If a chicken is fed a diet that consists of all corn, the meat is very lean. This leanness in chicken has bought widespread changes in recent years because lean chicken is considered to be healthy, but the leanness of the meat can also mean that the meat is tasteless. If a chicken is fed a diet that consists of all corn, it’s basically just eating carbs. The chicken doesn’t get enough nutrition from the corn to produce a good, flavorful meat.