Feed Supplement – A Key Component of Livestock Farming and animal Production

7 August, 2020 By:SB Group

Animal feed supplements simply represent different classes of molecules, organisms, and compounds which promote various aspects like health, nutrition, and growth. Overall, these supplements will help the animals in their overall physiological development, such as immunity, stress reduction, and even reproduction. 

These types of cattle feeds usually have several other ingredients and attractants, prebiotics, probiotics, acidifiers, oils, etc., and many more. They may not be often required, but providing them to the cattle and poultry will certainly provide a boost in their overall development and will cattle farmers to get better production and results as a result.

Above all, feed supplements also contain other ingredients such as flavors, coloring, etc. Due to this, the cattle will even prefer taking additives. So they also help to improve the feeding intake quantities of the animals. So, in this article, you will know all the necessary information about feed supplements.

Basics about feed supplement

No matter what type of husbandry or cattle farming you are involved in, maintaining the health of the birds and animals is the priority. Only by doing so one will be able to get all the profits and productions in the desired amounts. Also, cattle and poultry farming isn’t all plain sailing. Different problems and hurdles will come along the way.

Cattle Feed Supplement

Cattle Feed Supplement

Among them, a huge number of problems and health issues will also arise in the animals if they won’t get proper food. Due to various circumstances, cattle and poultry owners may not be able to provide adequate food to animals. However, you need to keep stock so that your cattle don’t go hungry.

This is where feed supplements come in handy. Similarly, many cattle farmers and owners have focused on giving supplements to their animals. As a result, everything from the meat quality, meat and egg production, auction value, and reproduction, all these factors will be boosted.

Animal feed additives or supplements can simply be defined as a combination of various ingredients that facilitates the growth of the animals. In addition, these supplements should be mix in animal feed in smaller quantities to meet their nutritional requirements.

This feed will even help in improving the grain rate along with the feed efficiencies and helping the animals to build a good immunity and healthy systems. According to a different type of livestock, the feeds and supplements also differ. So, we need to get the right type of feed according to the animals we have.

Feed Supplement Is A Commercial Product

Obviously, we can take supplements by ourselves, too, by using various techniques. However, we can easily get the animal and poultry supplements easily in the marketplaces. In addition, these additives are a kind of artificially manufactured product that is produced in large commercial quantities in plants and industries. So these products are also very easy to get. Therefore it has become very popular among animal farmers. And they use it to get the most from their investment.

 As mentioned above, feed supplements are also available in all the different types and kinds. It differs according to the animals. All cattle have different nutritional requirements. So, you need to give them feed on the basis of age, productivity, and nutrition deficiency.

So, one cannot simply get any supplement products and provide them to their animals. Animal farmers need to get the proper information and get the right type of supplements according to their animals. With so many products available in the market, one must get the finest products that will help maintain health and yield maximum productivity and profits.

Why should one use feed supplements?

Cattle Feeding

Feed manufacturers and farmers need to understand the nutritional requirement of animals. This is because animals like cows and poultry birds cannot determine if the feeds they are in-taking are sufficient and if it is the right one for them or not. However, they will possess the tendency to show likes and dislikes towards the feeds that are given to them. So, in some cases, even if the animals may not prefer the supplements, the farmers should encourage them to take the nutrients for their growth and development.

One should use various techniques to feed their animals the supplements they need for better production. Flavors and colors are some things that will help with the increased intake of the feed supplements. Similarly, giving proper amounts according to the age of the animals and birds is also necessary.

If the animal is newly born, you need to take care of the feed required to maintain its nutritional level. You need to focus on providing feed on the basis of animal’s health and age.

Use Non-Medicated Additives  

 You can find various types of antibiotics and other medical substances in animal feed. However, this has been a controversial subject matter, and people have to try to use and produce feeds that have lesser medicated ingredients.

Also, many even believe that the use of such medicated additives will even affect humans. Consuming products of animals that are given medicated feed can harm our health. 

Similarly, one doesn’t need to worry as there has been an emergence of non-medicated feed supplements. Giving such feed supplements is an ideal way to avoid such medicated additives. Everything from enzymes, organic trace minerals, binders, and inhibitors can support health, growth rates, and body functions without using medical feedstuff.

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