Reason We Are The Best Cattle Feed Suppliers In Nepal

1 March, 2020 By:SB Group

Cattles need proper nutrition and food to maintain good health, produce better milk, and produce overall good results. SB Group understands this and delivers the most beautiful cattle feed. Due to this reason, we are also one of the top cattle feed suppliers in Nepal.

Cattle feed is nothing but the food produced for feeding the cattle. Besides, cattle feeding is not as simple as just feeding anything to the cattle. In fact, the cattle feed should include all the necessary ingredients. Only then, the animals will be able to grow, stay disease-free, and give the most profits. Therefore, you should buy feed from the top and reputed cattle feed suppliers only.

Why Is There A Need For Cattle Feed Suppliers In Nepal?

Nepal, being an agricultural nation, has a lot of people getting involved in animal husbandry. Therefore, when we say that cattle feed suppliers play a crucial role in Nepal’s husbandry scene.

If the cattle aren’t fed properly, it is not just the animals who are going to suffer from it. But the entire husbandry business and the nation’s overall economy might even take a hit. It is because so many people are showing their interest in this hugely profitable but risky business.

Also, there isn’t any lack of cattle farms and animal feeding units in Nepal. Therefore, we should be aware not just of these businesses but everyone about why one should get a product from only the best and most reputed cattle feed suppliers in Nepal.

How SB Group Produces The Top Cattle Feed?

Producing the best cattle feed is no simple task. All the ingredients are poured into a mixer. After that, the mixture converts raw material into uniform particles. In addition, nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, urea, calcite powder, salt, etc. are also added into the mix. This results in the formation of cattle food that is of the highest order.

Cattle Feed

Cattle Feed

Quality control and inspection are also one part of which we do not ignore. All the raw materials used are inspected thoroughly. Then, only after being accepted, these products are used in the production line to produce the cattle feed. In this manner, the SB Group created the best products. Therefore, also making us one of the top cattle feed suppliers in Nepal.

Primary Components Require In Cattle Feeds

Plants provide the most source of feed for livestock. Cattle feed is a mixture of all the necessary components that help animals to grow and stay healthy. Here are some of the essential ingredients that we add to provide the most beautiful cattle feed in Nepal.


Proteins are a must-have component in any diet. These contain amino acids that are rich in nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. For inclusion in feeds, the nitrogen is measured and converted to protein by multiplying with 6.25. By using this method, we include crude protein in the pastures.

You can analyze to determine the amount of protein needed in the feeds. In the case of dairy cow rations, some urea can also be fed in complete rations. They are designed for low and medium producers. However, it is not as useful for high producers. The idea of giving a high level of protein that doesn’t have rumen degradation is a new one. Further refinements need to be done before practically implementing this technique.

Energy And Carbohydrates

Energy is mostly provided through carbohydrates. Proteins also help to give strength. But for this, it should be fed in excessive quantities. Carbohydrates are also straightforward to acquire. They makeup to 75% of the dry weight in most grains and include sugar, cellulose, starch, and lignin.

Cattle Feeding

Cattle Feeding

There are mainly two types of carbohydrates. They are crude fiber and nitrogen-free extract (NFE). Crude fiber is a less digestible type of glucose when compared with NFE. In the past, a minimum of about 6% was thought to be the proper required ratio. Recently, low fiber fattening rations point to the need for a reappraisal of the fiber needs of the cattle.


Minerals are the part that remains as ash after the feed has been burnt. These are used to determine the proximate analysis of feeds and also to estimate contamination of the product with dirt. Minerals play a vital part in the formation of skeletal structures, digestion, and metabolic processes. Therefore, it is crucial to include the proper amount of minerals in the cattle feed.

There are seven main and six trace minerals that are essential for livestock. The amount of minerals needed is also meager. Also, excess metals can be harmful and even result in the deaths of the animals. Therefore, we all should get products from only the top cattle feed suppliers in Nepal. Then only, we will acquire feed with an adequate amount of Vitamins.


Livestock need vitamins in minute amounts for various body processes. Animals need different types of vitamins to stay healthy. Vitamin D is necessary for animals who see very little sunlight. Similarly, Vitamin A is often a significant concern for producing cattle. We should also note that prolonged storage of feeds may lead to a reduced amount of vitamins especially carotene.


Fat is usually low in forages and most roughages. However, it acts as an essential source of energy. Only adding up to 5% of the total ratio may provide a lot of useful sources of energy for the animals. Specific types of fats have even been proved to be effective in improving the intake of energy and milk wield.


Water is an essential part of cattle feeds. It also causes a significant variation in the economic value of the feed as it dilutes the nutrients. However, high moisture feeds may also be valuable in reducing the diluteness in some rations.

In conclusion, SB Group is the best cattle feed supplier in Nepal who includes all the necessary ingredients in our cattle feed. Hence, feel free to contact us if you are looking for the most excellent product around.