Is soya nuggets good for health?

25 December, 2020 By:SB Group

Soya nuggets are delicious snacks everyone enjoys. However, this snack may not be suit all. Eating soy daily may result in health issues in some people. But that doesn’t mean you should eliminate soya nuggets from your diet. If you are allergic to soy, you may talk to a physician before adding soy products, including soya nuggets in your diet for better health.

Though some people may show side effects to soya, it has nutrients that can benefit some people. So, if non-allergic people add soya to the diet, then they may get health benefits from soy products like soya nuggets. As soya is a key ingredient in soya nuggets, you can get health benefits when you eat them for your snacks.

People argue about soya nuggets being not good for health. However, this totally depends upon your health conditions. If you are healthy and don’t have any health issues, then eating soy nuggets may not harm you. However, if you have any health-related issues, then it’s better to avoid soya products, including soya nuggets, for your health.

Below are reasons to avoid or include soya nuggets in the diet.

Reasons to eat soya products like soya nuggets

Soya being the main ingredient in soya nuggets, offers many health benefits. Soya is rich in calories, protein, fat, sugar, fiber, and other mineral and vitamins that are beneficial to health.

Soya nuggets for health

Soya nuggets for health

Lower cholesterol level

Diet rich in soy foods may lower cholesterol levels. Eating soya nuggets as snacks may contribute to your health. Person with a high cholesterol level may include soya product in the diet to see some positive change. However, if you are taking medicine to lower cholesterol levels, then better not to use any soy products. You may also talk to your physician before making any changes in the diet.

Prevent heart disease

Adding soy to your diet may help lower your risk of heart disease.  Soya product reduces inflammation in blood vessels and improves their elasticity, and these factors promote heart health. You may include soya in your diet to prevent heart diseases. If you want to give your soya snack taste, you may add soya nuggets to your diet to improve health.

Lower blood pressure

Soya products are great for balancing blood pressure levels. Person having high blood pressure can try including soya nuggets in the diet to improve blood pressure levels. However, if you are under medication to lower your blood pressure level, then better not to replace medicine with soya products, including soya nuggets. You may talk to your doctor before replacing medicine with a home remedy.

Lower blood sugar

Nutrients of soya may help in lowing blood sugar. Though there are no strong evidences that show links between lowering blood sugar level and soya, some people tend to say that eating soya product can lower blood sugar. However, increasing the amount of soy in the diet may have negative side effects. So, if you want to eat soya to treat your blood sugar level, then you may consult your doctor for accurate dose intake.

Improve bone health

The low estrogen levels during menopause may cause calcium to leak from the bones. So to improve bone health, you may include soya products in your diet. Eating soya regularly may negatively affect health, which is why try including few times in a week.   If you want to bring a change in your diet, you may switch to a regular soya diet with soya nuggets to improve your bone health.

Minimize the risk of cancer

Consuming soy may reduce the risk of endometrial cancer. Soya products may also lower the risk of colon and colorectal cancer in women. If you are thinking of suggesting soy products or soya nuggets to cancer patients, you may consult a doctor before bringing a change in their diet plan. Though eating soya products like soya nuggets have positive impacts, the excess amount may hamper health.

These are the few health benefits of consuming soy products like soya nuggets. Although there are health benefits of consuming soy products, they are not free from side effects.

Reasons to avoid soya products like soya nuggets

Eating soya nuggets or any soya products does have health benefits. However, exceeding the amount of soya may harm health. And also, person undergoing a certain types of medication should avoid eating soy products, including soya nuggets, else it may impact you negatively.

avoid soya for health

Soya is bad for thyroid

Soya products can depress thyroid function. It is often seen that when thyroid patient eats soya products, they tend to elevate the level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. If you are regularly visiting a doctor to treat thyroid, then the doctor may suggest dos and don’ts to maintain your health. Person under medication should avoid eating soy products like soya nuggets to improve health.

Hay fever

People suffering from hay fever are most likely to be allergic to soy. One should strictly avoid soya for fast recovery. Even if you provide soya indirectly to a person with hay fever, this may negatively impact. Eating soy products like soya nuggets in hay fever may not help in fast recovery.


People with asthma are also highly allergic to soy. Better to avoid soya products like soya nuggets if you have asthma. Do consult a doctor before eating soy products or adding soy to the diet. However, soya may be good for asthma, but some doctor suggests not to consume during asthma.

Breast cancer

The effects of soya with breast cancer are unclear. Some say soya doesn’t show any effect on breast cancer. But others say soya may have some side effects. Don’t make any changes in your diet if the doctor doesn’t recommend making a change.

Kidney stones

Soya may increase the risk of kidney stones because they contain a large amount of chemicals called oxalates.  Oxalates are the main chemicals that cause kidney stones. Ensure that you don’t eat any soy products, including soya nuggets, if you want to maintain the health of the kidney.

Milk allergy

People who are allergic to cow milk might be sensitive to soy products. If you are allergic to cow milk, be sure that you don’t eat food with soy. Soya nuggets is such food that you need to avoid if you have a milk allergy.